Find your scent

Collection No. 1

Our original scent collection is full of fresh, herbal scent with layers of greenery and natural fragrance. These scents are light and refreshing, perfect scents to burn anytime of the year. 


Collection No. 2

This is our floral and fruity inspired collections. Notes of Honeysuckle, tropical fruit and citrus give a slightly sweet an energetic vibe.


Collection No. 3

Our spa inspired scents...created to help you focus, unwind and re-energize.


Collection No. 4

Deep and rich, these scents are reminiscent of tobacco, leather and maybe even a library. These scents will make you want to curl up with a drink and book. 


Holiday Collection 

Evergreen, winter berry, and spice round out the scents in this Holiday collection. Full of cozy scents that invite the joy of the holiday season. 


Seasonal Collection 

Scents curated to reflect the changing seasons and the new scents and weather that each bring.